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Posted on 10-24-2017

Healing After a Concussion

At Woodgrove Pines Wellness Clinic, our chiropractor in Nanaimo offers sports rehabilitation services, including concussion management. Learn symptoms of a concussion, how your body recovers from a concussion, and what to expect with concussion management in Nanaimo.

concussion treatment from our nanaimo chiropractor

What is a Concussion? 

A concussion happens after a significant head trauma that disrupts your neurological functioning. Symptoms of a concussion include a headache, dizziness, difficulty concentrating and remembering, and fatigue. These symptoms are strongest right after a concussion and can last for several days. 

Unfortunately, the underlying brain trauma does not fade as symptoms decline. For three to five weeks after the concussion, your brain is vulnerable to repeat trauma. A minor fall or other small impacts can cause serious injury. It's critical that you seek concussion treatment if you experience these symptoms. 

How Your Body Recovers From a Concussion

A concussion is treated by resting, reducing your activities, icing inflamed tissue, and working with our Nanaimo chiropractor to restore wellness. It takes time to treat a concussion, and during this time, you must take it easy to avoid incurring additional brain trauma. 

Chiropractic adjustments can help your concussion recovery by reducing inflammation, improving nervous system health, and decreasing stress associated with injury. Our chiropractor in Nanaimo is able to make gentle adjustments that do not expose your brain to any more risk during the concussion recovery phase. 

Concussion Treatment from Our Nanaimo Chiropractor

We urge all athletes to come in for baseline testing, this gives us an accurate idea of what your physical and cognitive baselines are.  By comparing the healthy brain and body tests to test of your brain and body as you recover from a concussion, our chiropractor in Nanaimo is able to determine when your brain is past the vulnerable recovery phase and you can resume your typical activities. Without this valuable testing, it's much more difficult to gauge your stage in the concussion healing process. 

Get Concussion Management in Nanaimo

To reserve your slot and learn your risk for concussion plus how to reduce it, or to get treatment for an injury, call our chiropractic clinic today: 250-390-2003.

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