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OptoJump Bio-Mechanical Measurement

Woodgrove Pines Clinic is excited to introduce a bio-mechanical measurement tool that will revolutionize the way symmetrical development is measured and also take training of athletes to the next level!

OptoJump™, a product created by Microgate™, is the only objective, dynamic device that quickly and easily assesses body mechanics while the athlete is in motion. It provides precise, easy to interpret, and objective performance data to make certain that the well-rounded athlete is able and agile in all directions and eliminating compensations.  

From this data, and the video analysis from the webcam, an athlete’s bio-mechanical baseline can then be tracked over time, allowing physical educators, coaches, and trainers to objectively measure bio-mechanical development and ensure effectiveness of training. The device provides multiple tests to determine an athlete’s jumping abilities, the gold standard to determine an athlete’s ability to produce power which is an indirect measure of their fitness training level.

Suitable Fitness Tests that the OptoJump System Can Analyze:

  • Squat Jump
  • SJ Body Weight
  • Counter Movement Jump (CMJ)
  • CMJ Free Arms
  • Stiffness (reactivity test)
  • Stiffness free arms
  • Power Analysis
  • Running Analysis
  • Drop Jump
  • Monopodalic (single leg squat power jump)
  • Reaction Tests (simple and complex reactions)
  • Dynamic Stability Tests evaluate an athlete's creation, execution and direction of power (Stability)

Further, to remain sports specific, we are able to measure and create baselines of upper and lower extremity reaction times and track the progression and effectiveness of an athlete’s ability to react to visual and audio stimulation.

OptoJump™ allows immediate and exact identification of bio-mechanical asymmetries by assessing gait, acceleration of each leg, power, etc. Its precise appraisal of movement means that problem areas can be addressed long before they turn into injuries, and crucial, objective evaluation of an athlete’s preparedness to return to play after injury.

As a performance and training tool, OptoJump™ is one of the best possible means of developing faster, stronger and more agile athletes who are efficient and effective in their movement for their sport.