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Become More Explosive with Woodgrove Prime Hockey Development Camps!

Become bigger, faster, and more explosive this off season with Woodgrove Prime’ hockey development camps!

Woodgrove Prime’ integrated sport science programs are the first of its kind in B.C.  We offer physiological and applied sports science testing and slow motion analysis that only the top elite leagues have access to (used at the NHL combine).

These physiological tests provide precise values for our highly trained staff to compare our athletes’ scores to normative data specific to sport, position and level. Combining the athletes’ physiological data, goals, functional movement screen and athleticism testing results, we create a principle training objective. This information is then passed along to our performance specialist who creates a structured periodized program specific to that athlete.

All this information, data collection and attention to detail is done in-house breaking down the wall between sports medicine, sports science and performance training.

Spring camps: April 22 – June 27  |  Summer camps: June 30- Aug 29

CALL 250.390.2011 TO REGISTER!

It is essential that every hockey player has an objective and principle behind their off-season training, whether that be increasing muscle mass, becoming a more balanced athlete, or developing a more explosive first stride. Having both long term and short term goals is imperative to program design.  

Here at Woodgrove Prime’ Performance we tailor each program to our athlete’s specific goals, aimed at not only working on their weakness, but also improving on their strengths.  

Remember direction, and organization with
proper progression is the key to off-season success. 

The hockey season is broken down into three phases:

  • Preparatory (off-season)
  • Competitive (in-season)
  • Transition (post-season)

These three phases are further broken down into macro-cycles of 3-4 weeks, which are then further broken down into micro-cylces of weekly and daily lesson plans. This is where our experience, attention to detail and understanding of the physiological requirements of a hockey player come to shine. Each day, exercise, rep, and even rest interval play a significant role in our long term picture.  Everything we do at our performance center has purpose and direction.

The Gold Standard For Athletic Hockey Development  

  • Up to 7 hours per week training at our performance center (on-ice conditioning available)
  • Athletes train in small groups creating a motivating, challenging and stimulating team training environment   
  • Active, applied and professional coaches with a commitment to detail and understanding of the process
  • Pre and Post program testing (athleticism, vision, reactivity, Wingate, grip strength) providing specific individual data creating a platform for development  
  • Programs personalized based on each athlete’s needs & goals
  • Educate the athletes on why we are performing the movements and directly relate them to the game of hockey   
  • Improve performance, education, and decrease the likelihood of injury   

Programs Include:  

  • Functional Movement Screens
  • NHL Combine athletic testing
  • Sports yoga & mobility training
  • Full access to the downstairs gym facility
  • Access to our high tech sports analysis equipment (Wingate testing included (x2) Optional: VO2 max testing with gas analysis, Blood Lactate Threshold, OptoJump and sport specific slow motion analysis).  

Woodgrove Pines also offers a multidisciplinary team of Sports Physicians, Chiropractors, Physiotherapists, Kinesiologists, Nutritionists, Naturopaths, and Massage Therapists in house to fully encompass sport performance.   

Prime’ Performance training focus and pillars of success:

  1. Efficient motor control, movement patterns, balance and mobility 
  2. Full Body Integrated Strength (toe to fingertip strength)
  3. Full kinetic chain sequential firing, core stability and rotary power
  4. Explosive power, speed, acceleration, deceleration, agility and multi directional energetics  
  5. Aerobic, Anaerobic alactic, Anaerobic lactic energy systems development   


  • Pro/College/Junior (NHL, NCAA, WHL, Junior)
  • Major Midget/Midget  (97,98,99)
  • Bantam (99, 00)  
  • Pee-Wee (01, 02)
  • Atom (03, 04)

Go to thedownstairs.ca for more information on this program along with many others offered at our brand new facility! Click HERE for registration information to Woodgrove Prime Hockey Development camps. We hope to see you there!