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Professional Sports Testing and Assessment

Planning on being a collegiate athlete at the top of your game?

Training for a marathon? Cycling Event? Triathlon?

See how you measure up as we teach you to Train Smarter!

Our team of medical professionals at Woodgrove Pines Clinic access complete pictures of the intricacies of your body’s systems and how they are working together. More than just measuring your wattage output, our team is able to determine exactly which systems in your body are strong and which ones are compensating. We then discover where you can improve, and develop a plan and measurable goals to help you break through to the next level of performance. With our method of scientific testing and analysis, you don't waste time improving one area while another languishes behind, holding you back.

These assessments are not just designed for professional cyclists and runners, but for anyone striving to live in peak health and fitness in all areas of their lives. The data gleaned from an assessment gives your workout more purpose. Knowing what zones you are training — because you are armed with the information beforehand — means you’re avoiding the sports equivalent of blindly throwing darts at a board, hoping one hits the target. After all, if you don’t have a good view of the target ahead of time, it’s difficult to hit it with any accuracy.

Please click on each of the links for more information on our professional, high performance testing and assessment equipment, which includes:

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Let us show you how to Train Smarter!

Our Sport Performance Vision

Dr. Stacey Scott D.C.(Hon), F.R.C.C.S.S.(C)*

What I envisioned in going forward with the clinic and the sports performance area, really began with my experience at the Vancouver 2010 Winter Olympics, volunteering as part of their medical team. When I was working up at Whistler the thing that struck me most was that everyone worked together. From your sports physicians to your radial techs, to your labs, to your physios, your chiros, your massage therapists… everyone worked together.

This was a collaborative effort on every single patient to give them the best care possible, to get the athletes back out to perform immediately because they needed to get out there! And the interesting thing was there are so many drug restrictions… drugs isn’t the way one can go at the Olympics, or any professional sporting event for that matter, so athletes had to rely on the manual therapies and people performing the treatments.

This was most enjoyable because it was a complete sharing of information, you got the best possible results and you got the athlete back to their sport as fast as possible. And that’s what I envisioned in going forward with the clinic, the same sort of success… collaboration as a team of professionals.

At our clinic we have many different professionals who work together to help all of our patients, let alone helping athletes who are looking to perform at the top of their game. We help athletes who wish to be at their best possible health and fitness level, we help athletes in the treatment and prevention of injuries, and we help athletes who wish to train smarter and recover faster. We help. We collaborate. We make it happen!

 * Board Certified in Sports Injury Rehabilitation